Personalized Paintings


It starts with your idea...

I do all kinds of commissions and custom paintings on a regular basis! Below are some common requests with details and price points for each type. If you don't see what you need, don't worry! Other types of personalized works are definitely available upon request. Just shoot over to the Contact page or hit any "Request Info" button to send me an inquiry.

*Allow 2-3 weeks from order date to receive painting.



Pet Portraits

Celebrate that fur baby! All I need is a high quality photo and a size preference to start capturing those wet noses and whiskers. 

*Pricing varies by request, but can start around $60. 

Family & Friend Photos

Memorialize a favorite photo, portrait, or personality! I love to put a twist on a typical portrait to enhance the sense of someone's quirks.

*Pricing varies by request, but can start around $85. 




Fan Art...

Movies, music, tv, books...whatever your fandom, I can help commemorate it! Keep your idols around you or surround yourself with the imagery of your favorite universe. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!


*Pricing varies by request, but can start around $75.


Bring your favorites views home with you! I can create custom paintings of landmarks or regions--just for you. Get the perfect color scheme and view of your happy place.




Pricing varies by request, but can start around $50.