Floral Femme

a series

Sunflower 12x12.png

What it’s all about…

Floral Femme is a series of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings that I’ve been exploring for a little while now. Years ago, I started noticing how often females and floral patterns are associated with each other. And then I starting noticing how often words and connotations like “delicate”, “pretty”, and “precious” get thrown around regarding both subjects, and that a relation to either tends to indicate that something is “soft” or “lesser.” And as I noticed these patterns, I started realizing that very often, both women and flowers are portrayed in the arts (and often society at large) as objects rather than living things with agency. This narrative that was appearing all around me was inherently flawed in my view—because it was so often created by males. So, I decided I would attempt to reclaim this relationship of women to floral patterns and “decorative” imagery by trying to redefine this pairing from a woman’s perspective. Like flowers, women have historically been viewed as dainty and delicate and fussy; however, both are strong, life-giving sources full of variety and containing multitudes.

Some early pieces in Floral Femme were inspired by the vibrant, cultivating, mud-covered women in my history. More recent pieces relate each woman featured to the type of symbolic flowers and plant life involved (note the titles of each begin with a theme and end with the plant featured). Every woman has a story, every flower has a meaning. I intend to keep exploring and bringing a voice to both.

See a few pieces from my series Floral Femme below, and come see it in action at the Newton-Conover Auditorium this August-September. Opening reception is Thurs 8/22, 6pm-7:30pm (!!) and I’d love to see you there…