Paint and Sip with Me!

If you’re ever looking for something a little less serious and a little more interactive, you might like to know that I also host paint and sip parties through my business, Arts & Crafts Mobile Events. I’m basically a travelling art studio for total novices and the “I can’t draw a stick figure” category of art lovers. You don’t have to know a thing, and you don’t even have to remember a thing when you leave!! Except that you had a lovely time, of course. I lead everyone through a step-by-step painting (I have a whole huge folder of options that I created specifically for newbies and non-artists that will still look cute on your wall!) and then I clean up after the fun too!

I’m fully mobile, and I love to try new places and paint with new people. So if you ever feel like having a ball and trying something new, let me know! I offer Public Paintings hosted by other local businesses (look at us being all small biz conscious!) and also a variety of Private Painting Parties (which can be hosted in your office, community gathering places, or even…drum rollllllll…the comfort of your home!).

Did I peak your interest?? Nice! Find more info on the Arts & Crafts website or my social media platforms:


Facebook: @artsandcraftshky

Insta: @artsandcraftshky